Monday, May 23, 2011


Good morning blogland!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

My oldest son, large, was home all of last week with a killer cold/flu/fever type thing.  He  is 14, but still wanted to hang out on the couch with mama.  He had me watch the whole Matrix trilogy! ugh.  The first one was good, the next 2?????  BUT, it was a very small price to pay to hang out with my large baby, and enjoy his company, uninterrupted for the day!  Even though he was sick, we had a great time!

Now, that being said, I did NO work last week, and this weekend either for that matter.  I have things made of course, and this is one of them!!
I got this shoe from the Graphics Fairy a long time ago.  It was part of a digital collage sheet, that you could use to layer on top of  each other.  I just LOVED this shoe!  I made this postcard with it.  I LOVE how this came out.  I wonder if the pearl buttons and flowers would fall off in the mail? of course they would, but I can dream, right???

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Have an awesome day!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh, that is so sweet that you got to spend time with your son. You created memories to last forever, and every time the Matrix comes on you will relieve a simple, day that one would think unimportant. My son is 19 and he is coming home this week from Air Force Tech school for one whole week. I am so excited I am jumping up and down while I type...(just kidding)

  2. Great card! I know its wonderful to spend time with a teenager if he is sick; so nice when they want/need their mom. Have a happy Monday :o)

  3. Hey! I am catching-up on your blog. It is a cute shoe :D

  4. Layer that card so that the pearls are cushioned, and it should arrive intact. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Daniella.

  5. Hey, I'm visiting your blog via the 'Something Blue' bloghop.. what a beautiful post :)) see you again next week!! Melissa

  6. Hi Daniella,

    Love the postcard. The shoe with the flower is so my style.

    I hope your son is feeling better. Mine was home last week with the same bug.

    Check out the showhouse I posted

  7. Hahaha this made me smile, we don't understand what they are watching now a days but what the heck bonding with our huge baby is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    Indigo bunting

  8. Hi
    Love this card, what a great shoe.
    That shoe looks as though it belongs to one of the ladies I just posted on my Blog lol.

  9. Great cards girl, you are so darn talented! I love the shoe too!

  10. I couldn't get throught to you by yahoo so here I am thanking you for your comments,, my drips and splashes keep me busy beleive me,, but its all good in the end,, (I am a little crazy) lol

  11. What a neat idea. What makes it special to me, you used a bingo card. I love to play with the other senior folks.

  12. Oh this is purely adorable!!! Blue and yellow are my favorite color combination (although my house is not decorated in it!) But, I love it to pieces and adore your card.

    I sure hope your son is feeling better...please give him my best wishes!

  13. I completely feel what you say about hanging on the couch with your son. I too would be willing to watch the Matrix trilogy (if he was really sick!) just to feel the 'big boy' snuggling against me as a baby again. Cherish the precious moments my dear! Love your card!