Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well, I certainly learned a few things about it last week!!

#1 Plastic melts.
#2 Plastic can look and feel like wood.
#3 Plastic is not as friendly as you would think.

A few weeks ago, my friend Cindy Adkins of Whimsical Musings, put a gorgeous bird nest on her blog.  It was stunning!  I send her an email to tell her that I just bought some nests from a local craft store, and I was making a nest with a twist!!  I was so excited about my pre-made nest!!

I get the hot glue gun out and get all ready, and IT IS PLASTIC!  I found out because the hot glue started to melt this hollow plastic!  My nest starts getting holes and melting.  ugh.  Now what to do???

First, I have to explain what the "twist" was on the "bird" nest.  I was at a convention 3 years ago and I met Melissa Francis at her booth!!  You would think I met the president!  I was so glad to meet her, and her gorgeous things are practically free at her booth!!  So, I got a bunch of cardboard stars, little and big.  Because of the move, I found them 3 years later, duh.  And I get this idea to put Tim Holtz tissue tape on them!  It is already sticky and I just love the designs on this tape.  I cover all of my stars and I am using them in my nest instead of eggs.  I used spray ink on them last, pink, red, blue, green.  You are going to see the pink and red stars in my DISASTER nest!!  Poor nest!
First, I use one big star, and a bunch of little stars.  It looks weird.  Don't look at that nest yet!  We will get to that!!
My little stars, so cute I think!
Here are my nest pictures.  can you say ??????  It is nest-ish, I guess.  But I know a bird would be disgusted with it.
This is the showing the whole nest.  See the HUGE globs of glue all over the place????  So sad.  

I am going to actually link this to a new party that Cindy told me about!  It is at Sunburnt Cow handmade shop. !!   Just click the link to check it out!!  
SO,  HAHA!  I have some nerve, but hey I worked hard on my pathetic nest!!!!  It deserves to be in a party!!

Have fun!


  1. Hi Daniella,

    I really like your pretty stars. ✰★✯

    I'd love to see your nest in a cloche. That would be the icing on the cake.

    I like the nest.


  2. Hi Daniella,
    Oh my gosh--what a story! I never would have thought of the nest melting--unbelievable. From the pictures, it's hard to tell that there was a problem at all! and I love your stars!! I agree with Dee, it would adorable to put in a cloche!

  3. Hi Daniella
    You are the star to have created something so very special. The next part I am shaking my fists and you and raising my voice (this is completely out of character but you have made me resort to such tactics) Pathetic - are you serious? There is nothing pathetic about this.
    Please stop and realise that you are creating amazing art.

  4. I am with Lynne........... I love it. Don't be so hard on yourself. It is amazing and beautiful. Who cares about the glue. Just cut it off with a little knife and don't worry about it. I love the stars and the nest idea. Sooooooo, take glue off and no will know. Love it:-) and love you too:-)

    Have a wonderful and blessed day.

    Hugs, CindyLew

  5. I agree with all above,, its beautiful and the stars are such a cute idea,, such a lovely nest,, who would think of it melting,,its lovely,,

  6. Those are darling stars and you are much too hard on your nest. Oh but wouldnt it be fun to have a disaster link party or crafts gone bad....
    Hope you have a happy day! Hugs, Kim

  7. Your starts are wonderful Daniella and your nest looks fine. Put away the glue gun and get a big jar of "YES" glue unless you already have one. It is thick, goopy and you can glue almost anything to your nest, and it dries clear! Thicker than tacky glue too. Hugs Marilou

  8. Whoops, mis type for Stars! Tada!

  9. Hi Daniella,

    Marshalls and T.J. Maxx sometimes has the cloches.


  10. Well Daniella looks like you have a hit. Sometimes accidents turn out to start a new fad or theme or way of looking at things. Seems like folks like it and since you don't make them for the birds anyway I would say Woo Hoo to you.

  11. Hello Daniella,

    Although I really think you did a great job with those stars!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  12. Hi Daniella! I think your nest is awesome!! I LOVE those stars, using the tissue tape was a Brilliant idea! Thank you so much for posting my giveaway on your sidebar!!
    Nancy xx :D

  13. thankyou for the kind words and the pink moon I think is the same one you took photos of,,(my memory sucks,, head injury),,I write everything down to remember things and I would have to look it up,,have a good night,,

  14. We learn something every day dear... plastic melts. Ha, you had me in stitches! I do love your 'starry nest' - with holes and glue and all!

  15. Oh well, we all experiment don't we. And that is how great things are sometimes created. :-)

  16. Gee you make me smile! I have disasters all the time, and my view it is that it is the cost of creativity! Trial and error is a great way to figure things out! I think your nest turned out great which shows your amazing imagination! Sometimes the fun is in the figuring out how to solve the problems you have along the way as well! Plus look what you have learned for next time... I am SO glas your nest gets to party! It deserves it! X

  17. Ha! Love that you posted about it. I think it looks great. I have some messups, too. I saw you at Sun Burnt Cow. I'm your newest follower!

  18. Well, I'm with everyone else - I like it even in spite of the confounded plastic incident. Isn't that how art happens? Something doesn't work out and we make something else...or is that repurposing?
    Anyway, Daniella, you are most creative!

  19. Daniella -

    It's not the least bit pathetic. I like it and those stars are beautiful; they look perfect in your nest! I love your story behind the making of it, too. :)

    Thanks for linking up to the Sunburnt Cow party. Just stopped by to see your blog since you followed my newest one, and here you are with a link up!!

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  20. Do you see that Daniella........

    Everyone likes your stars and nest. I think it's a very cool project!!!
    Thanks for the sweet things you said on my blog. What can't I do ......... sew.

    Happy crafting,

  21. love your story telling..It is a sweet nest and the stars are very unique and folk art-y I like the whole thing