Sunday, June 12, 2011


What a week!!  My small son turned 12 on Friday!!  I know. 12.  Really?  Already? ugh.

So please forgive me, bloggy friends, if I didn't get to your blog as much as I usually do, or if I missed you.  I promise to see everyone this week, as usual!!

Last week,  I said I was going to show my treasures from my new favorite "junque" store.  But........... So, I will show them to you today for Debbie's Newbie Party!! 

The whole family came with Mr and I, which surprised me.  Large, age 14, never wants to go thrifting anymore!!  So, we went and everyone had fun, found treasures, and had a few giggles too!!

A picture of all of my new treasures!

This is so fun!!  The wonderful tin drawers, and the height are awesome!  The color I will change.  I can't wait to put my crafty things in it!!

A pretty metal plate, a vintage frame and some pearls.  Just what every girl wants!
I was so excited to find this beautiful tassel doll!!  And she came with the stand too!!  I'm not sure if I want to hang her, or keep her on her stand yet.  A fabulous steal for 5 bucks!  And the 2 Life Magazines were a dollar each.  What wonderful ephemera I can use!!
A Hello Kitty photo album and silver doilies for a dollar each.  This calendar from 1991 of  Robert Doisneau's work was my cherry on top!!  I have a framed print of his in my bedroom.  I LOVE his pictures!  And this calendar has 12 different photos.  I plan on putting one of them in my new frame.  Again, only 1 dollar!!!!

Thank you all for visiting today!!  Enjoy the party!!


  1. wow,, so much goodness all in one place,, wonderful see you at the newbie paty!!I love the tin drawers,, and the tassel doll and the ,, well everything

  2. How fun Daniella, a family venture! My linky is working now. I hope!

  3. Hi Daniella, May and June are such busy months for birthdays, aren't they! I hope your son had a fabulous birthday -my own son turns 13 tomorrow, so I know how you feel... like, already??? I love all of your thrifty treasures- and I'm crazy about your tin drawers! How fabulous are they!!

  4. Very cute finds, Daniella. I am glad everyone enjoyed the family outing!

  5. What treasures! I love the pearls! I'm visiting from Debbies! ♥

  6. I'm loving the industrial drawers, and the vintage frame.

  7. Hi Daniella,
    Totally fun and I'll bet you were SO excited!!! I love it all!! And hope you had a great weekend!!!

  8. hi, thanks for visiting,, I won't be at the newbie party,, I can't make it link me,,next week,

  9. Hi Daniella, you not only had a great time out and about with the fam, you brought home some wonderful treasures too.
    Just think, in another year a teenager will be born......time goes so fast.
    Don't you just love capri jammies!! Your comment reminded me of my twin 4 yr old grand sons. They are skinny and still wearing the jammies I made them a couple of years ago. So funny, the colors have faded and they hang just below the knee!!!
    I can't believe small actually took out the garbage in his boxers, we won't tell anyone. HA.
    Thanks for the visit and enjoy your goodies. I can't wait to see what you do with them, Char

  10. Great finds Daniella, and how nice that it was also a family outing.

  11. Happy Monday to you and I hope it is :)
    Fabulous finds.
    My cherry on top would be the same as you - love his work, really love it.
    Now a perfect happy Monday would be thrifting with you my new friend!

  12. Fabulous finds Danielle!!! Your drawer is exactly what I would take home with me... fabulous!!!!

  13. I love your thrifty finds! I especially like the tin drawers! Happy Monday!

  14. Love all your 'finds'! How strange that a 12 year old would not like to go thrifting -- haha! Time flies for sure -- my "babies", my twin daughters just turned TWENTY on Sunday!

  15. Thanks for your sweet comment on my tea trays -- I'm participating in "One Month To Win It".

  16. Sounds like a typical teen, time they just don't won't to go with us.
    Lots of great treasures here, know you had fun doing thrifty shopping. Thanks for following and I'll be your newest follower.
    Have a great week.

    The French Hutch

  17. Hi Daniella,

    How sweet to have a fun family type outing. Treasure hunting can be fun for your boys too.

    I can't wait to see what you do with all your goodies.


  18. Oh, I love the tin drawers. I have to check out your altered art. I do digital scrapbooking and the altered art and steampunk are my faves.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a new follower.

  19. thankyou for your kind words,, i will try next week,,I have had trouble linking to another art challenge,, its not working,, so I'm not sure whats up,, I did try another it did work,, of course it wasn't one I really wanted to join ,, I wasn't prepared but managed to quickly post.I never want to not hold up my side of the bargain,,have good evening my friend ,, I so enjoy your posts,

  20. Hi Daniella, I'm your newest follower; found you via Debbie's blog. Your blog page is GORGEOUS!

    Love thrift finds. I'm going to enjoy your blog.

  21. Oh what amazing finds!!!! I LOVE those galvanized draws!!! X

  22. Looks like you got quite a few treasures! I love going to thrift shops never know what you will find. :-)

  23. what great finds! I love the drawers- and the silver plate has me drooling :)

  24. What great finds!! I love to go junking with my kiddos!! I found you at the newbie party. I am a new follower.