Thursday, June 30, 2011


What a month June is!  With the boys finishing school, it is crazy!  Finals, different bus schedules, half days for large, and field trips, half days, band concerts, graduation from grade school for small, it is something every day!!

Last week was the last days.  I have hardly done anything because of this madness!!  But today I received the best happy mail ever!!!!

Fist, I went to the post office and saw a card in my post office box.  That means there is a package!!!!
Not one, but 2 packages!!!

I opened the small one first.  It was from Cindy Adkins!! 
What a wonderful little journal book!!  I am going to use it to put one positive thing that happened in my day, every day in it!!
A little card, with wonderful sweet words on the back!!  Doesn't it look like the hand with the rose on my blog???

Next, came the big box!!  A few weeks ago, I won some fabulous art supplies from Dawn!!! I knew I won, but not like this!!
This was a mixed media artists dream!!!  There was paper (some of it looks hand made!), wall paper samples, advertisements, calender pages, and it goes on and on!!  Then, there was10 rubber stamps, mini and regular size tags, tickets, small envelopes, coasters, art prints, board books and 2 more small books and a card and 2 ATC's!  There is tons more to say, but I have to stop!
Sweet words in a lovely card!!

LOVE this ATC!!!  That witch is fabulous!!

Another ATC!!  Isn't santa handsome???

There you have it!!  What a wonderful way to end a crazy month!!  Please visit Cindy and Dawn when you have a chance!!  Both are wonderful artists.  You can click the links in this post, or you can find them both on my sidebar!!

Thank you my friends!!  YOU are BOTH AWESOME!!!!


  1. What wonderful goodies in the mail!! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun creating with all those supplies. :)

    I love that idea of putting one positive thing a day in a journal. I think I'm going to do that, too. Great way to record all your blessings and then look at the journal when you're feeling down.

    Have a happy holiday weekend!

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  2. Lucky you!!! What fantastic prizes! I love that witch card too! Happy weekend! X

  3. Congrats on your prizes, Daniella! I love your journal idea. That's why I like Mamarazzi's My Happy List. It is a great, positive linky party.

    Ricki Jill

  4. beautiful gifts for sure,

  5. You sure are onelucky lady! :-)

  6. Wow Daniella, its like Christmas in June. Enjoy it all you... deserve it with that hectic schedule.

  7. Hi Daniella,
    Oh my gosh--you posted it! I was so surprised! I hope the journal will be FILLED with happiness!!!

    And what an amazing package from Dawn!! WOW!!


  8. It looks like July will be a fantastic, creative month for you too Danielle! Wowzah, look at all those goodies! Happy 'playing' my friend!

  9. Dear Daniella
    Now that is what I call a fabulous mail day LOL Don't days such as these make all the difference, you feel so good about life and that people care.
    You will have such fun creating with those goodies.
    I have a book, a Gratitude Journal which is my place for noting positive thoughts and events from the past day - this notebook from Cindy would be a perfect home for positivity.

  10. Hi Daniella~
    Thanks for missing me. =0) I love your goodies! Both ladies are amazing and with your creative touch, it will be awesome!