Sunday, November 27, 2011


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and/or weekend!!!

I have some Happy Mail this week, and one a few weeks ago.  I love Happy Mail, don't you???

First, I swapped this ATC that I made a while ago for.....
 This one from Sherry from Createology.  The envelope was made from a piece of recycled wallpaper! She is so crafty!!  And she wrapped this adorable ATC with the fibers and such that you see.  Totally awesome!  Thanks for the trade Sherry!!!

This little package did come this week.  It is from Cheryl from Cheryl's Creative ATCs and Cards.  I was so surprised to get a gift from Cheryl!

Then this beautiful mini book was inside!!  Isn't it awesome?  How did she know I have a slight addiction for little books?  This one has tags inside the pockets.  It is almost too pretty to use!  But I'm sure I will find a very good use for it.  Thank you Cheryl!!

Then, a fabulous long time friend sent me a box with these Yummy goodies inside!!!  My friend Erica from Paper Craftin' with Erica has sent me so many awesome Hello Kitty's over the years.  She is too generous.   If she sees a Hello Kitty anywhere, she thinks of me. Thank you from the bottom of my  heart Erica!!  You are awesome!!

The last piece of Happy Mail is from Cindy of Whimsical Musings.  She is so FRESH!!  How could she send me a parcel with
Don't open until December 25th!!  She knows I can't possibly wait that long!!!  It is too irresistible!!  But, I've waited like 5 days so far.  Do you think I'm gonna make it?  I don't!  Cindy's work is just too awesome!  I will post it when I open it, which will probably be today!! LOL!!!  Thank you so much Cindy!!
So that concludes the Happy Mail portion of this post.  Now, on to the business part.

I have an appointment that will take me out of town for a few days.  I HOPE to be visiting everyone later this week.  I HATE thinking about leaving my blog unattended like this, but I have to.  I promise, I will be back as soon as possible!!!

Have a fabulous week!  Catch you when I get back!


  1. hi hun so glad you were spoilt hun you so so deserve it and really glad you liked what I made you hun and all the other beautiful gifts you recived too hun,just beautiful take care hun hugs cherylxxxxx

  2. Hi Daniella! What great things! Sorry haven't been able to stop by lately. Dad has started Phys. Therapy 3 times a week and last week Mom hurt her foot so with busted knees she has a harder time....just fun fun over here.
    Can you so me a favor? E-mail me your address

  3. Gorgeous ATC's Daniella and lucky you getting a package in the mail!!!

  4. How lovely to get presents in the mail. Keep well dear Daniella. xx

  5. You did receive tons of happy mail! You are a lucky duck! Enjoy your trip, Daniella. :D

  6. Have safe travels!
    Look at all your goodies,wow! See it is true that you get back what you give out, you give so much happiness and you get back so much joy :)
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Hi Daniella,

    Presents are always fun. Enjoy your trip.


  8. LOL...I didn't think you could wait that long--Soooo, you can open it when you put up your tree!!

    I love all your happy mail from such awesome people!!! How precious, indeed!!!