Sunday, November 6, 2011


I wouldn't have any luck I sometimes think!

I missed 2 of my favorite linky parties and commenting on my most favorite blogs because


Yes, I actually did,
I spilled a huge glass of iced tea on the keyboard of my laptop.  And as I was scrambling to get all of my other stuff out of the way of the spill, my husband started trying to dry off the computer.  He unplugged it first of course!!  Hours later, he tried putting the battery back in and it started screaming at us!!  Like an alien noise you hear in sci-fi movies.  Then, it stopped.  Cool I thought, no.  It started screaming again, in a different screaming noise!

And we tried the next day and today.  Only to find that it is dead.  *sniffle, tear*.

So I am using one of my children's computer to get this message out to you!!  I didn't run away!!  I am just left with no way to communicate!!

How awful not having a computer has become!  Like being stranded on a desert island.  I hardly know what to do with myself!  It is really weird!!

I should have my new computer tomorrow, and that will rock!!  But, as I said in the beginning of this email "if it wasn't for bad luck.....".  So we will see!

Miss you all!  Hope to be back shortly!!


  1. Wow...that is bad luck! The nice thing is you are getting a new computer! My hubs always says that I am going to wear mine out one day!! lol!

    See you soon!


  2. well thats rotten luck, its amazing how attached we get to our computer, when my blog was attacked I felt so desolate,,I hope all is well tomorrow,

  3. Oh no that stinks!!!!!

    I'm glad your getting a new one tomorrow.

  4. Oh Daniella- How awful is that!?! I am so sorry that happened to you. I worry about that happening here sometimes with the kids, etc. Well, the nice thing is that you have a new one coming. What kind did you get? xo Diana

  5. Good news is you are getting a new computer. Years ago Mr. C blew up his $8000. work notebook by spilling a glass of wine on it. POOF! The very same year he did the exact same thing to a new $7000 computer notebook. No insurance on them in those days. OUCH! Now he is not allowed to have stemmed glasses near computers. Wine in a coffee mug for him. :o) Good week ahead dear...

  6. Oh Daniella,
    So sorry that happened to you. The other day I poured a piping hot cup of tea, and I sat down and accidentally spilled it all over my jeans. It was so hot, I had to immediately take off my jeans but it left a red mark. OOOOUUUCH! I'm happy you get a new computer. YAAAAY!!!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. Oh my goodness girl...looking forward to your return

  8. Oh dear Daniella, I'm so sorry about that and I was missing you and a bit worried you were sick sweetie. Glad it wasn't you sick, just the computer! Hugs and you will be up and running before you know it! Marilou

  9. oh hun poor you gosh,have been wondering were you had got too glad you are okay and oh new computer oh,how cool hun cant wait to hear all about it take care hun hugs cherylxxxxxx

  10. Hi Daniella,
    Oh gosh, I thought that you were taking a break so that you had time for art! I am glad you are okay and losing a computer is totally awful--but, thank goodness you will have your new computer!!

  11. Oh no......!!!!!! I feel for you..I was a month without my laptop earlier this year and it sucked!
    I couldn't believe how much I missed it - felt cut off from the world.
    Hope your new one is with you tomorrow.
    Hugs xx

  12. Poor you! That is awful! I hope you haven't lost everything!!! Thinking of you! X

  13. OHDEAR... I hope you will be back online soon without further trouble! Hang in there... we will wait for you!