Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Yes, while I was climbing the walls waiting for my new computer to show up, I made some stuff!!

Today I want to show off a few pieces I made for June at Dezinaworld. I love the collage sheets she has!  So awesome.

This one uses the "Collage 1" sheet.

I used a piece of an old game board for the background, covered it with paper and gauze, added a pretty fall leaf and the beautiful girl image. A little lace at the bottom and it is a party!!

These 2 ATC's are from the "Crafty Souls" sheet.  There are so many awesome images that I could have made at least 10 ATCs.  And maybe I will!!

I am still working on getting the hang of this computer!!  It is just time consuming getting all of your stuff from your old computer on the new one.  Hey, I am NOT complaining!  My new HUGE computer kicks butt!!  But since I am not the best with computers, it is taking me some time.  I am enjoying figuring it out though!!  Sweet!!!

I have also been slowly getting back to everyone.  You are all awesome!!!!


  1. Yes it will take a little time to get everything on there, but we will be waiting.

  2. It does take a while to figure it out--the computer that is. I am not that savvy either so if I can do it- YOU can do it!;>) Love the things you made. That might be the only good thing about a down computer- You have time to make things.

    I think we have the same computer. One of the weird things is that there is a key somewhere on the left side that I hit (by mistake) on occasion and it erases everything I have typed...and there is some other key that transports you back 2/3 of the way through your typed message---you'll see ;>D o Diana

  3. enjoy that new computer and your new work is great, I love this ecclectic look,, ( I probably spelled that wrong but you know what I mean)

  4. Beautiful pieces you created. Maybe we could all get more accomplished if we had less computer time...not really! Happy computing...

  5. hi hun glad you are slowly getting there with your computer,it will take time but well worth it,just love love what you have created here hun the images,and detail is as ever always first class really gorgeous work hun take care love big hugs cherylxxxx

  6. June does have amazing collage images!!! I just love what you hve created Daniella!

  7. At least you had somethings to keep you occupied. They are beautiful Daniella. Have a great day.

  8. Beautiful work Daniella and I love the images on all of them.
    Have fun with your new computer!
    Hugs xx

  9. Well, Miss Daniella, you made great use of your non-computer time! It's gorgeous!!

  10. I love what you have created, Daniella! I can't decide which I like best, all cards are really pretty.

    Have fun with your new computer:)

    Gaby xo

  11. Hi Daniella,

    Your time spent without a computer was so worth it. Your artwork is beautiful!


  12. Not so long ago I was ten days without mine so I know just how you feel.I see though that you were very busy and created these stunning pieces.


  13. Hello, Daniella! You have made some lovelies while I have been in meetings!!! You are so talented.

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

    Ricki Jill

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