Thursday, July 5, 2012


A very dear friend of mine, who I met online years ago, is having a summer workshop.  Her name is Marit and she is an amazing artist!  She teaches workshops all the time and she charges a fee for them.  However this one is free!  It already started, but you can catch up!!  It is called "Quirky Dutch Summer" and is a weekly workshop, that offers a prompt, or technique or something else meant to inspire you to create.  This is my piece for week 3, "word play".  It is about using words in your art work.  Marit gives tons of examples, please visit her to read all about it.
the rattle snake hissed
the rattlesnake did attack
although it missed me
I told people yesterday that there was a story behind this page and here it is.  My large son, 15, made this snake in art class a year ago.  Yes, he enjoys art and makes wonderful things!!  And I keep all of it, of course, and put it in his memory book.  Now when my small son was 12, last year, he wrote this haiku and for some reason it tickled me!  I found it so intriguing because of all things to write about why pick a rattle snake?  When I asked him, his only reason was because he thought the words   hissed, and missed rhymed so that made him think of a rattle snake.  Now, Marit gives all these examples of word play, and one of them is haiku.  She writes them all the time.  I am no poet, but I remembered small wrote a haiku!  I went to the memory book, hoping it was one of the things I saved and luckily it was!!  Now what to do?  Yes, large made a picture of a rattlesnake a year ago!  and so, my 2 boys actually made this page.  I just used a page in my art journal that was already prepared with gesso, sprayed purple ink on it and wrote with a black sharpie.  The 12 year old wrote the words, and the 14 year old made the picture, and I love this page!!  So many people who saw this on my desk in yesterday's post said they hated it because they hate snakes.  I'm not a snake fan myself, but since the idea for this came from a snake, I think in this case, SNAKES ARE AWESOME!!!

Thanks for listening to my long story, and thanks Marit for the wonderful workshop!! 


  1. What a fantastic story. How wonderful to have a page like that in your journal, that means so much and joins both your sons together. I don't like snakes but I love this snake and writing. Sandy :)

  2. This is a wonderful treasure...two sons and their mom all make art and are very creative. A very special page indeed. I am not a fan of snakes, however this one is special and made of paper and ink. Blissful Creating...

  3. I think it is great the it is a combination of both boys' talents. I can imagine how special it must be to you having it in your journal.

  4. That is such a lovely story Daniella! Whilst I love the drawing, the colours and your story, I am still totally afraid of snakes.......just not this one! Thanks for your visit. Anne x

  5. such a wonderful story and a beautiful art work,

  6. Awesome story Daniella, love the snake!