Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Things have been so hectic this summer!  Getting work done, keeping the house going the way I like it, football practice for large, and now we have been having thunderstorms that are CRAZY!!!  Monday, it actually thundered and lightninged for 6 straight hours!  Then, the power went out at 6pm and didn't come back on until the next morning!!  So, nothing could get done in the dark.  

Yesterday, I go back to getting everything caught up from the day before and start to get the packing together.  And the power goes off AGAIN!  Until this morning, so here I am trying to get my house clean (I never go away with a dirty house.  Coming home from vacation is sad, and coming home to a dirty house is depressing!) and 4 people packed today!  Luckily, I got to clean most of my house during the day but the washer and dryer went off with the power so I am behind on that, which is messing up my packing. GRRRRRRR!!


Luckily I am going tomorrow morning, and I will be back next week.  

Before I go, I want to say thank you to Eliza who won my giveaway a few weeks ago.  She sent me a beautiful card and ATC.  Thank you so much darlin'!  You didn't have to do that!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and for the people having this awful weather, be safe!!


  1. How frustrating for you, just at a time when you could do without the disruption. Have a wonderful holiday though. I hope you get good weather wherever you are going.

  2. Have a fun vacation, Daniella! I never leave a dirty house either..and now neither do my girls! I hope you enjoy every moment of it- xo Diana

  3. Have a wonderful vacation Daniella! You most certainly do deserve one honey!

  4. It sounds like we have the same standards Daniella...I could never go away and leave jobs not done, but like you by the time I'm ready to leave I'm nearly fit to drop and need that holiday! ;D
    Have a wonderful time and hopefully escape all that weather and powercuts.
    I'm aware I owe you an email but I don't suppose you care right now as you get ready to set off.
    Hopefully I'll get to it and it'll be there to welcome you back to your clean home. :D
    Ciao for now ~ enjoy! xoxo

  5. Glad you have received and like the card and atc. Have a good holiday you deserve it and I am with you on going away with a clean house it is so nice to come home to.

    Hugs Eliza

  6. Have a wonderful vacation Daniella!
    Hope the power stayed on long enough for you to finish your packing!
    Hugs xx

  7. Safe Travels and most of all enjoy your vacation. The work, the dirt and the laundry will all wait for fact more will join the party once you are home again. Make wonderful memories my dear...

  8. WOW! Where do you live, anyway! I love thunder and lightening. but I'd rather not lose my power.
    Have a great vacation!