Thursday, August 1, 2013


Everyone knows I design for Sin City Stamps.  And most of you know I loved their stamps and used them before I designed for them.  They are just amazing designs in deeply etched rubber and they have so many different designs, who wouldn't love them!!

This month, we are having a really fun sale! 

 You go to the store (click the link above) and you will see a tab on the right that says "Coupons".  Go there and you will see a "Scratch off" coupon!  You rub your mouse all over the 3 scratch off areas and you will find a coupon code for a percentage off!!  It goes from 10% up to 40%!   That is amazing!!  Up to 40% off!  AND, you can use the coupon for the entire month, not just one purchase!  I think it is a fun interactive way to get money off your stamps!  And you can use it all month, not just once. Totally amazing!!

I hope you play scratch off and enjoy your coupon!!


  1. How fun to have an interactive coupon online. I will check it out. I can't believe how quickly Halloween will be here. How very bewitching! Thank you for sharing this sale...

  2. wow, that is so much fun! I agree with Createology Fall is coming fast!

  3. Fab stamps Daniella, thanks for sharing the sale too! ~Diane

  4. I love that you design for them as well. You are awesome! I've actually purchased from there in the past because they have witches, and not just the typical "hag" style either. Love it.