Monday, August 26, 2013


Hi everyone!  Today I want to share a swatch book I made for Sin City Stamps.  I was trying to think of something to make and then I had a brilliant idea!  At least I thought it was brilliant.  I have a tall drawer thing that I keep my stamps in.  As much as I try to be organized, they are still a mess in there!!  So I thought what if I just start cataloging my stamps in a book, so when I am looking for something all I have to do is look in the book, and not through all of the drawers!  And the Sin City Stamps swatch book was born!!
I won't be embellishing all the pages.  I embellished these because it was a design team project.  But look!  Every stamp in the Rosette Hearts Set  is on these pages!!  The right has the background stamp and 3 small stamps and the left has the border stamp, word stamps and 3 more smaller stamps. 

Is this an awesome idea or what?  I hope to do this for all of my stamps and while I do it I will  make a pile of stamps I don't want and give them to someone who really wants them!!

Thanks for visiting!  If you want to see my full tutorial, go to Sin City Stamps Blog and check it out!!
Have an awesome day!!

* FTC Declaration: In the spirit of full disclosure, I am currently working as a freelance designer in some capacity for Sin City Stamps.


  1. Great idea and project Danielle. My problem would be though that I'd need a whole library of such books as I have so many stamps, but I suppose one could do different books for different companies. Love the shape of yours!!