Friday, July 22, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday everyone!!!  Beverly from How Sweet the Sound, our awesome Hostess, brings us together every Saturday to celebrate our love of pink!!  She is awesome and this party is too!!!

Now, on to my sewing issue.  I don't sew EVER.  I glue, I staple, I tape, but I DO NOT SEW!!!  Never have ever.

I have this really pretty mini lounge chair that I have had for like a million years.  And I have always had it somewhere cute, it is so small, and so awesome!!  BUT, then stuff happens

NOTE.  The color of this chair is "rose pink".  I think it looks maroon, but that is the name, so don't think it isn't pink!!! LOL!!
Here is a picture. it has paint on it now, poor chair!!!
It is 27 inches high, with the legs
the seat is 20 inches long and 16 inches wide
The roll on top is 7 wide, 8 inches wide and the length is the same as the seat's width 16 inches.

I was trying to show off the paint, and how my cat picked on the top of the chair!!!  I stopped letting him in the room with it,but the damage was done.  He doesn't pick on ANY THING IN MY HOUSE!

SEE!!  The second I took it out of my room, he was on it!!!  Bad Kitty!!!

THE JOB!  Can anyone sew a slip cover for this mini chaise lounge!!!
I want a ruffle around the bottom, because those legs are the wrong color and look for what I am going with.
And the color isn't right for what my room looks  like.

IF you can make this chair a slipcover, I will pay for the fabric and your labor.  I will not send the chair to you!!  I just want a slipcover for it.  I will get more exact measurements for you.

What do you think?  Do YOU think you can do it??? 
I will be THRILLED to find someone!!  And what better place than Pink Saturday!!!!!
Thanks ladies!!  You are awesome!!


  1. This is beautiful.
    Personally I like it that way. I have in my bedroom what was at one time called a nursing chair, a chair without arms used for when a mum would feed her baby (that baby being me). It is very shabby chic but I love it that way.
    Good luck with finding someone who can do this work for you.

  2. OH I love that chaise longe. Love the color and the material too. I am too far away to make you a slipcover but I am sure someone can do it for youl
    Happy pink Saturday

  3. Oh wow, this is gorgeous!!! I hope somebody knows how to make slipcovers, but I think this is so beautiful the way it is!!


  4. I have a chair I need a slip cover for too. Unfortunately I dont think I can make one. I can sew easy stuff but not slipcovers. I hope you find someone. Have a great day! Hugs, Kim

  5. This is such a lovely little chair; hop eyou find someone to make a slip cover for it! Have a fun pink weekend.

  6. I would never touch this beauty. Why don't you just tack or glue a ruffle around it. Then you could change it out when you wished. They have premade ruffles in Joann's.

    Happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  7. Great chair Daniella, it would make a great bedroom chair I think. Put a ruffle on it and a doily at the top where the back is and throw a few pillows on it and you will be happier! Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs Marilou

  8. nope,, not me ,, sorry,, it is a beauty.I sew but this is a bit beyond my skills,,it will be lovely though,,its pretty now and the ornament on it is very nice (the kitty)

  9. Pretty cute little chaise. I don't know where you live but if you look in the yellow pages under upholstery you will find someone that will make a slipcover for you. is almost as cheap to have it re-covered as it is to make a slipcover....sometimes cheaper~ Good luck- Diana

  10. Wow, this is a beauty! Wish I could help you too, but here is an idea! Find a reputable person who does alterations and ask them if they could. If not, then they may know someone. Where did you get that little charmer? I love it!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. I wonder if the rolled part is filled with feathers? Christopher Lowe did a tutorial on how to reupholster an item using a staple gun and duct tape. I kid not. HPS!

  12. oh I adore this to bits,oh this is just beautiful,just love it the way it is,hugs cheryl xxxx

  13. Daniella as talented as you are you could redo this without sewing. Take all the fabric off just as it is, cut the pieces out of a new fabric and then as Melissa mentioned staple and tape it back on. Also as Marydon mentioned you could find a ruffle at Joann's. It is a darling chair.

  14. Wish I could help you out but, although, I do sew a bit ("bit" being the defining word) I think you be best to look else where.
    But I look forward to seeing the finished results. :-)
    Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend.

  15. Happy Pink Saturday Daniella Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, is this chair ever beautiful? I love it as is. I know it has the paint on it, but couldn't you just add a doily or two over that end? Throw your pillows in the corner and wah la. The color and fabric you have is so gorgeous to the era of this piece.

    You could add one of those pre-made ruffles from JoAnn Fabrics, I know you could match something that you would like and keep the fabric you have. It is truly beautiful sweet friend. Truly. Keep us posted, as your chair is so delightful, I can't wait to see what you do with her.

    Have a beautiful weekend. Many country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  16. Happy Pink Saturday Daniella! Bad the chair. Good luck in your quest. Linda

  17. YES! I do think that we were seperated at birth! We have a ton in common and I can NOT sew a stitch either! Lets see Paper, Christmas, Glass and Winter just for a start!
    Hmmm I think we are destined to be great friends! Oh and as you are a paper crafter too, I have a scrappy swap going on if you's like to join in :)