Friday, June 22, 2012


The summer is here ( in the US), the kids are home(for some of us), vacations are being planned (maybe), whatever you are doing, you want to remember it right??

And "Smash" journals are all the rage right now, they are made by K&Co. and you can find them and all of their fabulous accessories at any craft store.  SO the awesome Miss Angie and the fabulous Ricki Jill came up with this idea for a party!!  There will be prizes too!!


The actual Smash journal comes with pre decorated pages and a marker for writing with a glue stick on the other side.  Easy peasy memories!!  I m taking one with us on vacation so I can add my memories, like hotel brochures, hotel keys, coasters, cards from restaurants, ticket stubs, you get the idea!  Just whip out the pen/glue stick, glue it in, write about it!!!
(you don't actually have to have a "Smash" journal to play, any journal is welcome!)

So please check out the 2 hostesses blogs and you will also find out all the official rules, and what you have to do to get the prize!!  The prize is a bunch of Smash journal accessories!!!  Too fun!

I hope you will join us and see what everyone did this summer!!


  1. I've never used a journal and hadn't actually heard of a smash journal until two weeks ago!
    They sound a fantastic idea. I always keep bits and pieces from my travels and then they seem to mysteriously go missing...this way everything would be safe.
    I'll pop over to have a peak later...thanks for sharing Daniella.
    Have fun with the kids...make some memories ;D

  2. Well, I am always a bit "out of the loop". have neverh heard of these journals...but what a great idea! I suppose they are called SMASH journals cuz you just kinda smash everythng in between the covers? xo Diana

  3. They sound like a fun idea. As you say you can always make your own.

  4. Your Smash journal and vacation sound like a great duo. Just enough time to keep track of the memories but not too much time to miss out on making and enjoying the events. Blissful...

  5. Joined the fun and doing a mother and daughter summer of 2012 one. Have no clue where to start but we have the book. ;)

    Have fun.

  6. never heard of a smash journal, but I do love to "Art Journal" I'll have to check out this smash journal thing!!
    thanks for sharing...

  7. I too am in the dark on 'smash journals' but after looking at them, they sure do look like a ton of fun to work with!!