Saturday, June 9, 2012


I have been so busy getting things ready for Small's birthday that I forgot Pink Saturday!  I have been adding a few last minute gifts and  wrapping everything.

No it isn't Christmas Wrapping paper.  What kind of mother do you think I am.  Oh. right, you know me too well.  YES it is!!!  But I don't think he will notice.  The ribbons don't looktoo Christmas- ish .  But the boxes under the paper say "Merry Christmas".  Hopefully he won't notice!

Here he is, the man of the hour...
Marshall!!!!!  aka small

I call him "Small" because "Large" is enormous.  But he is 5'5".  Not really that small.  This picture is before his band concert.  He is so handsome!!  And his curly hair makes the girls crazy! They actually touch his hair.  While we were there going in the school before the concert a group of hussies girls came running up to him and said "I just had to touch his hair".?????   Like he is a rock star.  Believe me, I'm sure he loved it, but he is the kid who does not want to be embarrassed!  So I have no worries, they are now NEVER going to get his attention.  He actually had much curlier hair and got it cut to get them away from him (if you can believe that, it is true)!

So this is a big deal!!!  My BABY is a TEENAGER.  Now I ask the questions every mom asks "how did this happen?"  "How could this be?"  "Just this morning he was in a crib!!!"
OK. *wiping tear away*  we have to move on, my computer is getting wet from all of this crying!!

The other thing that happened this week is:
Altered Arts Magazine has offered me a position on their design team!!!!!
I will be making art for the magazine!!
 Like a job!!!!!
I can't get over it!!
I am so excited!!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!  I will go back to crying now*blowing my nose* I will be OK!


  1. congratulations on your all the wonderful things happening in your life!!!Such a handsome young man,

  2. oh Hun,your son is handsome bless him,no wonder you are so proud of him,its sad they have to grow up so fast wait till they are 26 and 29 yikes, congratulations sweetie on your wonderful news,good for you could not have happened to a nicer more kinder lady,take care hun hugs Cherylxxxxx

  3. Wow! You have surely "Arrived!" Congratulations!
    And as for those hussies, Well I can't say that I blame them. He is cute.

  4. LOL....hussies....tell those tarts to leave your son alone! I am so proud of you for your new job! You rock out loud, Daniella!!!


  5. Small is handsome indeed, I fear the number of hussies will only increase! I hope he has a wonderful birthday. My baby turned 16 this week and, like you, I cannot believe all that time has passed.
    Congratulations on your new job, that is wonderful news.

  6. Multiple congrats Danielle!!! With your big/small boy ánd with your DT position!!! WOWZAH... mommy's growing up too, watch out - the groupies may come in to touch your hair too *teehee*

  7. Double Congratulations My Dear. Your son is very handsome and I can see how the girls love him. Happy Birthday Mr. Teenager (its okay just happens and they grow along). Your job sounds like a dream come true. I am thrilled for you sweetest of sweets. Design Diva Design...

  8. Congratulations on both announcements, yous son is beautiful, sweet smile he has. You magazine invite is awesome, you will be a wonderful asset to them.

  9. He is just darling. I told my daughter that they will be doing that to her son's hair, too, someday. He is a handsome kid...and a teenager- wow!

    Congratulations on being on the design team for the magazine. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? What an honor. Blessings- xo Diana

  10. Wow how awesome to get a design team creator job for a magazine. Congratulations.