Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I have a fun prize for this WOYWW!!  Want to know what WOYWW  is? click on the pink link!!
I know you love to peek!!

First, the GIVEAWAY!!
I happen to have this box of Ranger awesomeness in my posession.

And I know what's inside because I got one too!  

The Cut-n-Dry foam is awesome.  You can cut it to apply inks or make your own stamps!  And the Rubit Scrubit is for use after you use the cleansit dauber on your rubber stamps.  And what stamp prize would be complete without ink!!  So some black Archival Ink will do very well I think!!

SO all I have to do is write your name on this box and mail it right out to you!!  I will ship internationally so everyone has a chance and all you have to do is leave me a comment!!!  As you may have noticed, I got rid of the followers on my sidebar because I am sick of blogger removing it, and replacing it with 200 less followers!  If you love me you will come back so I don't need you to prove it to me!  SO that is it.  
Just leave me a comment!!!

Now, my work desk.  WHAT A MESS!!!  I was using a template to make a frame and I cut it out as you see on the bottom right.  I had to move my Tim Holtz mat first because I did cut it once already *sigh* and didn't want to do it again.

I am attempting to make a card.  But I didn't finish of course. *sigh again*.  Do you see my badge up on the shelf on the left-ish top?????  I am going to make sure it is in every WOYWW post!

Enjoy the party!!!
Good luck, I will pick a winner from and announce it next WOYWW!!


  1. There are some lovely things go on in Blogland and some lovely people to.
    Thanks for your great give way offer and nice posting.
    Lynn 61
    One I made earlier today

  2. What a fabulous give away. Wonderfully messy creative desk too.

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #60

  3. Oh dear Daniella, I cut through mine too, by mistake and was sick as a parrot! There really is a lot going on on your desk and yes, I spotted the badge. Mine was hidden this week. Great give-away you have there, I hear those little scrubbies do a really good job. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

  4. The first ever scrapbook workshop I went to they were demonstrating x-cut cutters, the little nobbly ones that you press down hard on and move round the template to cut out. Thicko here hadn't done any crafting in years and the teacher neglected to tell us we had to use a mat (probably thought we weren't so daft as to need to be told.) Guess who cut straight through the card, table cloth and made a very clear and deep impression on the table? Oops. I was mortified! Think I'm better sticking with the messy stuff rather than sharp! Glad to see I'm not the only one who has accidents though :)

    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway. I need to go beg to Julia for a badge!

    Carmen #109

  5. reckon there is quite a few of us who have cut through their mats :)
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #52

  6. It too me a bit to find your badge but I finally did, lol. Great giveaway Daniella!

  7. Ooo I love a giveaway!

    I once burnt my carpet by putting my heat gun down! Didn't realise it kept hot so long.

    Take care


  8. Oh wow super give away thank you! Fun desk too, looks like you've been busy! Take care my WOYWW friend. Zo xx 65

  9. Oh Daniella, I’ve cut through my mat too but it wasn’t a little cut, it was a really long one and I ended up making it into two small ones instead of one large one.

    Loving all the frames on your desk and so many to choose from, it’s a wonder you could decide which one to use.

    Happy Crafting


  10. I tend to work on a glass cutting mat so just cut with out thinking, which is fine, until you throw a nonstick mat in to the mix as well!
    I've never tried cut'n'dry before. I think maybe I should as I've heard lots of people rave about it.

  11. Just takin' a peek!! My craft mat is all sorts of stains, tears and discolorations! I just found out they have glass in them (duh, silicone...) and I had sanded on it...I guess it's time for a new one! Lovely box of ranger essentials! Have a great week.

  12. Fabulous giveaway Daniella! And thanks for the peek at your table.
    I'm so pleased that I'm not the only one who accidentally cuts her TH mat!!
    Hugs xx

  13. I sprayed everything red the other day so know your pain. Great giveaway.

  14. Fabulous giveaway... thank you for the chance to win... I've cut through my TH mat before... yikes.. Have a fun week, Hugs May x x x#34

  15. LOL - SOME DAY my workspace will be there -- when I can FIND it! Wonderful give away -- I've not heard of this product -- looks like fun to play with!

  16. It's not a mess, it's a creative explosion :-) Happy WOYWW!

  17. Love your creative area! And I often don't get projects done immediately... :-)
    Fun visiting!
    Carol #151

  18. Daniella your desk is a wondrous array of creative supplies and projects in process. Just the way a work table should be. What a nice give away. You are very generous my dear.

  19. I know someone (not me) who burnt down a whole craft shed with a heat tool! True! So cutting through something by accident seems rather tame, don't you think? I am very late this WOYWW and every week I find someone I've never visited before. Not sure I've been here before, so maybe it's you?
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    RosA #153?

  20. Oh, that would suck so bad! What Rosa knows, I mean. And blogger too, for loosing your followers all the time. Shame on them! :)
    Anyways, can't wait to see how your card turns out...I love to see all the different ways people use frames;
    so many people=so many ideas.
    And I would love to be considered "entered" for your give-away...I actually do not have any of those products! Rare, right? ;) True, though... :)
    Deeyll #154

    1. I mean "losing" your followers. Sorry about the typo! :)

  21. Dare we ask how did you managed to get a second parcel? I keep my craft mat "under" my cutting mat and just slide it out when required so as not to cut it by mistake. Hope yours isn't too badly cut. BJ#32

  22. I have had it happen too, loosing them all the time makes my head spin. I also have them turning on the word verification thingy all the time and I hate it, I am constantly turning it off again. Wasn't it bad enough them just updating and changing things without notice, than this happening as well.

    Ok so onto the nice stuff, what an awesome give away, you are so kind, put my name down for that give away please.

    Happy Crafting
    Eliza #50

  23. Your desk is productive not a mess. I don't need to be entered as I wouldn't know what to do with the contents.

  24. Hi Danielle - here's the 'juf' hoppin' over to see if you're all prepared for next Tuesday *teehee*... thanks for your email dear! I love your workdesk - I know all about messy worktables - believe me - but i also know that the most awesome art pieces are created on desks like this!

  25. Hi Danielle yourr desk looks nice and busy and I too have a messy desk which is why I showed you my other table this week....must have a tidy before next Wednesday. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of the week.
    Hugs Erika. #61

  26. Daniella! DT sister! I'm not so hot at it, but I do love making my own stamps!!!!!

    Your desk looks like you're working on something, not so much a mess . . .

    woyww late this week, at 156, I think?

  27. love the desk and the badge. thanks for the chance to win the TH stuff.
    I once put my patio table out to craft on, forgot about it and then a wind got up and blew it so hard off the patio that it actually destroyed the table. Just as well I had taken all my stash in eh!
    see you next WOYWW

  28. Well I haven't forgotten you my dear and you are on my blog post today, with the darling ATC you sent and the lovely card. thank you so much for being so thoughtful Love it and Hugs Mariloui

  29. Well Danielle, they say you only do it once...but it's my experience that the first cutting mistake is just a warning for something really upsetting, so be on your guard!! A very generous give away gal, aren't you lovely.

  30. Your work desk looks great, I can't see a mess! Now I can't wait to see how your card turns out my dear;)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  31. Apologies for being so late visiting Daniella, but better late than never eh?
    Wow you're having a giveaway too ;D
    That certainly looks a box of wonderful treasure. As to your desk it looks busy but that means lots of creativity going on...what more could you wish for. I'll keep looking for your badge on every WOYWW ~ a little like where's Waldo! Mine is on my inspiration wall. I tend to move around the house drawing so my desk can be in the kitchen, dining room or wherever so it's safe there :D

    Have a great weekend ~ enjoy ;D Neesie #7