Thursday, June 21, 2012


Since the boys are off from school, I keep thinking every day is the weekend!  It always takes me a week or two to get back on track.  So today is Thursday and I am still linking up to What's On Your Work desk Wednesday.  I am late, but there are some awesome people there I still want to visit.  SO here is my desk!

I decided to show you the "holders" of things I have.  First, my spin holder.
It holds the things I want to get to in a hurry!

This is a blurry picture of my jar of paintbrushes.

This is a jar of tools.  The one's I want to get to quick, but not worthy of my spinner thing.

My colored and watercolor pencils and some markers on the side.

And these are my Copics.  Nice and tidy in this box in number order!

I hope you all had a great day yesterday!!  And hopefully today too!


  1. I need to get to work! I am playing hooky!!!

  2. Hi there ... spotted you on the end of the list ...not sure where the time goes ..better late than never ... thanks for sharing all your bits that live in their pots. #9

  3. Love the black caddy Daniella, where did you find it? I don't care for those white ones they sell ay Michael's, they look nice but don't really hold much at all and the drawers to me are worthless that go around the bottom, they hold next to nothing, (just my opinion) I know some love them:) They just didn't work for me. Love your black one it looks like it is useful. Hugs and love, Marilou

  4. I have lots of holders too, but I'd love a spinning one! Take care, I'm still snooping & shall be over the weekend too! Zo xx 73

  5. Fabulous storage, I love your workspace, thanks for sharing x
    Sophie no.92

  6. It all looks very neat. I should take a picture of my daughter's desk one day...chaos!

  7. Love your spinning storage. I made one once (a woyww thing a couple of years back) out of a small plastic 'lazy susan', come cardboard cups and lots of glue! Yours is better! Happy Late WOYWW!!

  8. The spinner is probably my favorite and I like them so much I have two right here on my computer desk and a bigger one on my studio worktable. I also like swivel chairs and stools. Your desk is a creative slice of heaven. Happy Creating...

  9. Your black spinner is fab. It is nice to have all the things you use over and over sit really close and spin for what you need!!!

  10. Your space looks very organised Daniella,
    even your copics in numerical order...come on!
    I'm also late visiting in dribs and drabs as time will allow but I'm thinking better late than never!
    Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy! Neesie #26

  11. Hi there! Thanks for visiting! You can't go wrong with glass jars for storage. I always think paint brushes look so much more inviting when you can see them in a jar although my very best ones live in one of the artist's roll things, and consequently I forget about them! Silly, eh?
    Happy WOYWW, RosA

  12. Lots of tidy spots there on your desk, and that spinner - not seen one like that before. Looks cool!
    I do like to see paintburshes in jars, remilnds me of school and makes an excellent subject for painting.
    Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Neet #21 xx

  13. Love your spinner also, such a nice one.

  14. I have a work space too but for some reason I seem to find everything back on my kitchen table. Okay until we have visitors. I finally found me a rolling storage desk that fits right into my laundry room LOL. Oh what it takes to be an artist.

  15. happy WOYWW! loved the peek at your storage and had a laugh at your description "not worthy of my spinner thing"! i have a little mini spinner that my sister gave me and it holds very little so i guess i have to figure out what is "worthy", LOL!
    hugs, #15 peggy aplSEEDS

  16. Love seeing thinga me bob holders close up, that spinner holder is such a great idea, love the design of it
    Bridget #3

  17. Hey Daniella, nice collection of holdy things...I do believe firmly that after stash, the crafter's next obsession is storage. Doubtless.

  18. Ok Daniella, I have seen the white spin things on peoples desk but that black one is even better. Where did you get it I want one, actually must have one. LOL

    Oh and Julia is right on all counts. LOL

    Eliza #163

  19. Hi there Danella - no worries about being late you know am so too :D do love your workspace ~ thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #25